• inspiring everyone on the planet. SK Planet drives new innovation to explore boundless possibilities.
  • A new world created by Integrated & Personalized Commerce. SK Planet is commited to being the first company to deliver innovative businesses and services in our bid to change the world for the better and have a profound effect on people’s lives.
  • Smart commerce in the palm of your hand. Launched as an integrated commerce brand, Syrup offers cutting-edge shopping services allowing users to enjoy diverse benefits anywhere and anytime.
  • A new shopping culture created by the cutting edge e-commerce platform SK Planet’s global online marketplace brand 11st delivers a fast, seamless online and mobile experience that satisfies all.
  • Sharing dreams and growing together. As a mutual growth partnership program, Open Collaboration represents SK Planet's commitment to promote shared growth with startups, business partners, and local communities


SK Planet delivers a new shopping experience in diverse business areas.

  • Commerce Platform

    • 11st.various sellers
    • [Turkey] n11.com. With differentiated services and programs such as numerous coupons and a 24-hour customer service center, SK Planet's Turkish online marketplace n11.com became extremely popular amongTurkish users.
    • [Indonesia] elevenia. Taking into account of consumer usage patterns in Indonesia, SK Planet's Indonesian online marketplace named elevenia allows users to shop anywhere and anytime through both online and mobile channels.
    • [Malaysia] 11street. SK Planet's Malaysian online marketplace 11street has created a new paradigm in the online marketplace service by offering a lively new shopping experience tailored to local users.
    •  [Thailand] 11street. 11street is SK Planet’s online marketplace in Thailand that creates rich shopping experience for consumers and delivers optimal convenience to sellers by drawing on mobile-optimized content and extensive operational know-how transferred from 11st in Korea.
    • Shockingdeal by 11st is a curated commerce platform that satisfies the shopping needs of individual customers by utilizing proven capabilities of the mobile marketplace leader 11st.
    • BENEPIA. BENEPIA is a consultancy provider to companies in need of customized support for operating flexible benefit plans and welfare point programs.
    • Syrup Gifticon. Gifticon is Korea's first mobile voucher service. Among peers, Gifticon has a definite advantage in terms of the diversity of partners and products it carries.
    • Syrup Table. Syrup Table is a dining out service that covers just about every step of  the eating out experience. Syrup Table service which works with GPS, finds restaurants close to users, and offers various services
    • Syrup Style. As an on/offline shopping platform, Syrup Style allows customers to view and purchase trendy fashion items offered by the most trendy fashion shops on their mobile devices conveniently anywhere and anytime.
    • PROJECT ANNE. PROJECT ANNE is a new concept of fashion distribution service dubbed Korea’s first streaming service for fashion that allows users to try out trendy fashion items sourced from 150 emerging designers and contemporary brands, without having to commit to buying.
    • Trucking. Trucking is a mobile-based communication system for freight transportation that connects shippers and truckers with reasonable fees and reliable services.
    • Syrup Pay. Syrup Pay is Korea's first web-based payment service that offers users a fast and convenient way to pay. Syrup Pay subscribers can pay for their purchases simply by keying in their payment passcode.
  • Marketing Platform

    • OK Cashbag by Syrup. OK Cashbag is Korea’s largest integrated loyalty points program with 32 million members.OK Cashbag allows consumers to collect and redeem loyalty points data wide range of partnering stores.
    • Syrup Wallet. As a mobile marketing platform based on advanced technologies, Syrup Wallet offers shopping benefits and information tailored to each individual customer, and delivers a smart commerce experience.
    • Syrup Store. As an intelligent mobile marketing service designed for offline sellers, Syrup Store is linked to top-notch services offered by SK Planet to provide powerful marketing information and solutions to merchants.
    • [USA/Germany] shopkick. As a mobile shopping app, shopkick automatically checks in and rewards customers when they arrive at a participating store. SK Planet is offering this leading-edge service in the U.S. and German market.
    • [Japan] cotoco. SK Planet launched a mobile gift voucher service called cotoco in Japan. Cotoco will leverage it's capabilities based on SK Planet's successful know-how of operating a mobile gift voucher service in Korea.
    • Communication Planning. Our team of experts from diverse fields collaborates closely to plan communication initiatives, while utilizing the company’s e-commerce platforms to implement integrated campaign solutions.
    • Creative. SK Planet has some of the finest creative directors in the industry, many of whose outstanding work has earned them a number of prestigious awards.
    • Media Planning & Buying. SK Planet utilizes a proprietary consumer touch point model to guarantee an integrated assessment of all brand experience interfaces. SK Planet can then use the results for systematic media planning.
    • Promotion. SK Planet identifies quickly changing trends to deliver a novel brand experience to consumers at both online and offline touch points.To this day, we continue to open people's eyes and capture their imagination.
    • Interactive Communication. SK Planet always takes a fresh, innovative approach to establishing interactive communication strategies optimized for the digital media, which translates into powerful branding and viral effects.
    • Micro Targeting Communication. SK Planet has developed customer segmentation tech­nique based on its own collection of data. The new technique allows clients to deliver tailored messages and creative content to the best target audience.
    • Tillion. Tillion is an advanced survey system that converts survey data into highly reliable Consumer Intelligence at an affordable price. Tillion also serves as a stable platform optimized for diverse web and application envi­ronment.


SK Planet creates future value through collaboration, innovation, and creativity.

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We look for individuals who are passionate, tenacious, and driven.

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