SK Planet

SK Planet, a global leader of Integrated & Personalized Commerce, practices ceasless change and innovation.

About SK Planet

Established in 2011, SK Planet has become specialized in the field of Integrated & Personalized Commerce en compassingon/offline and mobile channels, through its merger with SK Marketing & Company and Commerce planet in 2013 and 2016 respectively. In delivering the Integrated & Personalized Commerce to consumers and business partners, SK Planet aims to establish a seamless commerce ecosystem by combining its leading-edge Commerce Platform and Marketing Platform capabilities. As an effective marketing solution, our Marketing Platform including the integrated loyalty program OK

Cashbag and the smart shopping guide Syrup Wallet provides diverse shopping information, advertising and promotions that help consumers make purchases on our Commerce Platform such as the online marketplace 11st in a fun and convenient way. We collect and analyze a massive volume of data generated from the transactions on the Commerce Platform, and apply the analysis results to our Marketing Platform. The Marketing Platform then uses the analysis results to create more sophisticated shopping information and marketing solutions. This process between our Commerce Platform and Marketing Platform establishes a positive

cycle of offering valuable shopping information and experience to our customers and highly effective marketing solutions to our business partners. Going forward, SK Planet will continue to create innovative commerce platform services that deliver the ultimate commerce experience to the customers while fulfilling their shopping needs anytime and anywhere. We will also continue to aim for further success in overseas markets, such as the U.S. and Turkey as well as throughout Asia, and become a global leader of Integrated & Personalized Commerce.

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Inspiring everyone on the planet

SK Planet believes that we can all inspire a better world, one with endless possibilities and where everything and everyone is connected. Committed to spurring new innovation by constantly challenging itself, as opposed to being content with what it has already achieved, SK Planet promotes open collaboration so that people worldwide can utilize their talents and bring their full potential to life. We are poised to relentlessly challenge and innovate ourselves to fulfill each and every customers’ needs with our bold new technologies, innovative products, and creative solutions. Building on this effort, SK Planet will continue to be at the forefront of pioneering new frontiers.
SK Planet’s mission that helps us navigate our way to achieve our vision is ‘SK Planet works relentlessly to give customers the most satisfactory, the most needed consumption experience in store and online, wherever our customers want us to be.‘ Our five rules of conduct that embody the spirit of our mission will guide the members of SK Planet to act in a way that improves the lives of our customers and brings happiness to them.

5 Rules of Conduct

  1. Do not be misled by the external appearance, focus on the intrinsic value.Have a long-term view and focus on the ‘intrinsic value,’ rather than the short-term financial indicators. We don't stretch, distort or try to hide the facts. Honesty is integral to everything we do.
  2. Get out from behind your desk to find answers, and execute. Get out from behind your desk, get into the field, and respond swiftly to market changes.If your prediction turns out to be incorrect, be prompt to replace it with another one.
  3. Take ownership of your job and work.Take responsibility for your work as a professional. Leaders make responsible decisions; members identify problems and see to it that the problems are solved completely.
  4. Stay ahead of customersPlace customer. value at the heart of every decision making and every task implementation. Develop products and services based on customer insights.
  5. Question, challenge, and debate. Express opinions regardless of position and authority to come up with the best possible solution. Once a decision is determined after a constructive opposition and intense debate, commit wholly.