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Recruitment Process

SK Planet is constantly improving its recruiting Process to hire the right people

The process in detail may differ as per position, but mostly the recruitment proceeds as follows : Job position > Document screening > Written test > Interviews > Health examination

Recruiting Category

Our recruiting is categorized into Recruiting of Entry Level Workers, Recruiting of Experienced (mid or senior-level) Workers (Expert Recruiting) and Global Recruiting, according to the recruiting purposes and processes. The ultimate goal of recruiting is to find the right people for the right position for the growth and development of the company.

SK Planet’s entry Level recruiting process

Document screening Writtentest Interviews Healthexamination

The candidates’ applications are evaluated comprehensively about their work experiences and qualifications. Please select the field you are applying for after careful consideration of your aptitude and suitability for the position.Written test aims to evaluate the candidate’s ‘Pae-gi’ (active thinking, activeness, skillful and exact work performance), knowledge on business management, sociability and work performance’, which are the basic qualifications demanded.In the first and second interview, we evaluate the candidate’s professional knowledge, understanding of the job position, work performance and potentials and ‘Pae-gi.’All candidates who have passed the interviews must go through a health examination

SK Planet’s experienced worker recruiting process

Examinationofcandidate’sapplication,Interviewspecifiedonjob position,SK generalaptitude test,Interviewwithexecutives,Healthexamination

When recruiting experienced (mid or senior-level) workers, candidates are asked to go through an interview on their job position before the aptitude test. The interview on job position can be conducted on diverse ways, such as technical test, presentations.


SK Planet’s HR officer-a young, energetic global expert who will realize SK Planet’s dream of becoming the no.1 global platform company –tells you what you have to keep in mind about the recruiting process.

  • SK Planet does not discriminate applicants due to their education or gender during its recruitment process. Anyone who has work experience and background in the relevant field can apply.

    Fill out online application > Document screening > SK general aptitude test (SKCT)/Coding test (technical posts) > Job interview > Interview with executives >Physical exam >Employment

  • Experienced workers are recruited whenever the company has recruiting needs. Job postings are updated in the Recruiting (Link) section. Unlike new graduates, experienced candidates will take the SK general aptitude test after the interview.

    Fill out online application > Document screening > Job interview > SK general aptitude test (SKCT) > Interview with executives > Physical exam > Employment

  • Interviews are divided into job-specified interviews and interviews with executives. SK Planet’s interviews are done in a comfortable manner so that each candidate can show his capabilities to the maximum level. We have an interview tool that intensively verifies each candidate’s potential, so candidates who have been developing basic capabilities thoroughly are in advantage rather than those who have prepared for the interview in a short span of time.
    In the interview with the executives, candidates demostrate their potentials with each executives of their field of application in a comfortable atmosphere. It is important to be active, confident and honest through out the interview.

  • Candidates with strong language skills such as English and Chinese will be sought after.

  • Among, major domestic companies, SK Planet provides the most competitive benefits and treatment to its members. Our benefit program ranges from basic benefits such as health insurance and national pension to various benefits in need to our employees such as support in health costs for employees and their family, home loan, condominiums and leisure facilities, support of children’s school fees, mobile phones and fees, support of self-development costs and SK Family card.