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Evaluation and Compensation

SK Planet develops and fosters its employees, by fairly assessing their capabilities and compensating them in accordance with their performance.

The employee evaluation primarily aims to develop themselves. Based on everyday observations and instructions, the evaluator fairly assesses employee’s capabilities(basic talents & job competence) and reflects the results on all ranges of HR management such as promotion, training and salary appropriation.


Our basic philosophy of PR&C is to arrange and develop our employees as per their capabilities as well as to compensate them in accordance with their outcomes.

Evaluation organizations and individuals are divided into the organization to achieve business results and evaluate the performance of the grant award and title, and by assessing individual capabilities and achievements go, training, pay and incentives to organizations and individuals through the fostering that compensation is based.

Basic rules of evaluation management

SK Planet introduced a development-oriented approach to our performance evaluation policy. Through constant mentoring that involves frequent face-to-face meetings and feedbacks, our performance evaluation system promotes personal and professional growth of our employees.