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O2O Marketing Platform

The smartest commerce solutions that integrate the on/offline worlds

One of SK Planet’s goals is to bring smart innovation to the local and global commerce markets by using its O2O Marketing Platform. To this end, we utilize mobile technologies that provide an organic way of connecting different on/offline commerce platforms, which are aimed at delivering a variety of benefits and useful information to the users at the right time and place. This gives consumers a fun and convenient shopping experience, while offering sellers an integrated marketing solution optimized for the needs of their targeted customers. SK Planet will continue to enrich the lives of everyone through its wide range of useful O2O commerce services such as Syrup Wallet, Syrup Store, and ‘shopkick,’ integrating the online and offline worlds.


Syrup represents our O2O Commerce brand name. As its sweet name and hearty design indicates, Syrup offers diverse services that are tailored to the customers' personal shopping needs in their everyday life. Encompassing the mobile and offline channels, Syrup delivers the optimal shopping information and convenient commerce experience for individual customers. In doing so, Syrup creates a new paradigm in shopping while building a healthier commerce ecosystem that fulfills the needs of both consumers and merchants.

Syrup Wallet

Syrup Wallet offers curated shopping benefits and information tailored to individual customers, and delivers a smart commerce experience with a variety of services. Partner to over 130 companies and 560 brands in South Korea, Syrup Wallet has built up a wide network of participating merchants, allowing customers to enjoy diverse services of its partners such as mobile membership card service, coupons, Gifticon, events, gift vouchers, mobile payment, co-branded credit card, and mobile ticket services. As a cutting-edge shopping guide, Syrup Wallet will continue to deliver even greater convenience and benefits, while fulfilling the daily shopping needs of customers.


As a mobile shopping app, shopkick automatically checks in and rewards customers when they arrive at a participating retail store. Shopkick has delivered the ultimate shopping experience for the users while creating a remarkable marketing effect for the partnering merchants. Based on its innovative business structure and outstanding talents, shopkick has built the industry’s largest network of retail partners in just five years. Shopkick was also rated ‘the most-used shopping app in the U.S.’ Through the acquisition of shopkick, SK Planet is now able to offer leading-edge mobile commerce platform services in the U.S market.

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SK Planet made its full-fledged entry into the Japanese e-commerce market by launching a mobile gift voucher service called cotoco. The name cotoco was derived from the Japanese words ‘cocoro to cocoro,’ which means ‘from heart to heart.’ Partnered with 28 of Japan’s most famous brand names, including coffee franchises, convenience stores, and fast food, cotoco enables users to buy gift vouchers from partnering merchants via PC web, mobile device, or smartphone app. Users can send the mobile gift vouchers to loved ones by e-mail or mobile messenger. Recipients of these messages can redeem their mobile gift vouchers for physical goods at 36,000 partnering stores across Japan or their respective websites. In addition, in December 2015, SK Planet Japan joined hands with NTT DOCOMO and opened Giftico, a mobile points mall in which 65 million customers of NTT DOCOMO can use membership loyalty points to purchase products and send gifts. SK Planet Japan aims to become a leader in the Japanese mobile gift voucher market by transferring SK Planet’s know-how and experience of operating a successful mobile gift voucher service in South Korea.

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