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Everything you can expect from a smart payment solution

By utilizing our advanced technology capabilities, SK Planet is delivering a whole new level of smartphone payment services. We are changing the payment landscape, making payment safer, simpler and smarter than ever before. This is made possible thanks to the convergence with other industries and the ideal combination of cutting-edge ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and the newest marketing techniques.

Syrup Pay

Syrup Pay is the first web-based easy pay service in Korea and also the only simple payment service in the country that supports all operation systems and browsers to save shoppers the trouble of having to install any extra applications or Active X. Whether customers choose to use credit card, bank transfer, or mobile phone payment to pay for their purchases, all they have to do is register their payment information only once and pay for their purchases simply by keying in their payment passcode. Moreover, Syrup Pay offers the highest level of security which has passed a credible security authentication review, with its advanced encryption technology and its unique system that stores all financial information in a distributed data storage system. Built on a combination of mobile and fin-tech platforms, Syrup Pay also serves as an integrated payment solution for O2O services. Syrup Pay will continue to deliver a new level of convenience by allowing users to make payment while enjoying discounts and earning loyalty points at 11st and other partnering shopping malls.