Business Areas

SK Planet will continue to be at the forefront of delivering innovative businesses and services through our Integrated & Personalized Commerce,in our bid to change the world for the better and have a profound effect in people's lives.

  • Commerce Platform
  • Marketing Platform

SK Planet's Advancement into the Global Market

SK Planet is offering cutting-edge Integrated & Personalized Commerce platform services all over the world. Our entry into global market is based on our profound market insights, know-how, and prior success in the Korean market.

Commerce Platform

Creating a new shopping paradigm

SK Planet is playing a leading role in unveiling a new shopping paradigm with its Commerce Platform, which integrates on/offline and mobile commerce channels. Our innovative Commerce Platform includes online marketplaces that serve as an optimal platform for online and mobile shopping, Vertical Commerce services which deliver a smart shopping experience based on cutting edge e-commerce technologies, and payment services that serve its customers with unparalleled convenience and security.SK Planet is proud to be building a healthy commerce ecosystem with these leading edge e-commerce solutions.

  • 11st
  • [Malaysia] 11street
  • Shockingdeal by 11st
  • [Thailand] 11street
  • 11 Pay
  • [Turkey]
  • Gifticon

Marketing Platform

Creating a smart shopping experience with innovative technologies

SK Planet is committed to developing the best marketing solutions, which fulfill the needs of its business partners and also strongly appeal to consumers. We provide consumers with a highly pleasant shopping experience through OK Cashbag, which is Korea’s largest integrated loyalty points program. We also utilize our O2O Marketing Platform built on advanced ICT technologies, satisfying the needs of both consumers and sellers with smart commerce experience.SK Planet will continue to offer exclusively innovative, unconventional advertising and research solutions on a whole new level, by leveraging its leading-edge big data analysis capabilities and creative strategies.

  • [Japan] cotoco
  • Syrup Wallet
  • [USA/Germany] shopkick