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Marketing Platform

With the nation's largest marketing platform operating know-how and technology-based open platform, it connects consumers and sellers most efficiently.

Earn & redeem

Korea’s unrivalled integrated rewards service
OK CASHBAG is Korea's largest integrated rewards service with some 75,000 affiliated stores and 2.8 million members. Since the introduction of the first-of-its-kind service in Korea in 1999, it has provided consumers a mileage service that can be earned and redeemed in various brands of affiliated stores, while providing differentiated marketing services to its partnering companies.


Live commercial broadcast with Korea’s largest viewership.
Launched as OK CASHBAG’s live commerce arm in June 2020, Launched as OK CASHBAG’s live commerce arm in June 2020, O!LABANG supports simultaneous streaming on NAVER Shopping Live. It promotes limited-time discounts and exclusive deals before and during live broadcast to increase customer traffic and awareness. Its reward point system also boosts sales by incentivizing purchases.


K CASHBAG’s leading ad product generates high volume traffic
O!QUIZ is a live, interactive advertisement product rolled out in August 2019. The leading advertisement service of OK CASHBAG enables corporate customers to boost the effectiveness of their brand and product promotions, while allowing participants to solve quizzes and earn OK CASHBAG points in a fun and interesting way.


Meaningful community interactions generate cashable reward points
Launched as OK CASHBAG’s online community platform in June 2023, OgeulOgeul is a lifestyle rewards service that allows members to earn reward points on everyday community activities. These cashable points can be converted into cash in real life. The consumer-to-consumer(C2C) platform also offers user-based interest and entertainment. It plans to grow as an online community platform where meaningful interaction, information-sharing, and profit-making happens at the same place.

‘Hot of Hot’
introduces most
exciting places
in Korea

Pick the hottest of the hot! Content advertising led by Big Data
Korea ‘Hot of Hot’ is an in-content advertising service that introduces popular trends such as festivals, tourism, and events sponsored by local governments. By using a magazine structure, the compelling marketing service offers rich story-telling that leads to increased brand awareness.

Hottest places in
the neighborhood

The ultimate guide to must visit stores in the neighborhood
The service, which is available on OK CASHBAG and Syrup, introduces diverse local stores to customers within an 1 kilometer radius. Some 20,000 stores are registered nationwide and the number of exposed stores continues to grow.


Use reward points to enjoy the thrill of fractional investment
Syrup is a platform for users to earn rewards in a fun way and use these reward points to invest in different fractional assets. Points can be earned by completing various missions such as tap the piggy bank, attendance check, time attack quiz, and real-time live broadcast. These points can be used to invest in diverse products such as stocks, gold, luxury goods, coins, and real estate in small amounts, allowing users to experience the thrill of fractional investment and see their assets grow. Moreover, membership, coupons and stamps make it easy for users to enjoy discounts and earn rewards that are easily missed out on.


Lockscreen earn you OK CASHBAG rewards points
O!Lock released in May 2015, rewards customers with rewards points every time customers unlock their phones and participate in an event. This way, customers can earn rewards points while advertisers can reach OK CASHBAG customers with high purchasing power. As O!Lock runs on big data, it generates sophisticated targeting and high click-through rate CTR(Click-through rate).


Travel nonstop, but stop over when shopping! No.1 shopping rewards platform
Wezuro is a shopping rewards platform that connects shopping malls with customers to reward their everyday spending. Users earn up to ten percent cashable reward points for each eligible purchase made for partnering shopping malls through the platform. Its wide range of partners are in the categories of general, home shopping, fashion/beauty, books, travel, food/kids, and more. Points earned can be redeemed at partnering retailers such as convenience stores and retail markets. By creating a service model that offers affordable shopping and investment experiences, Wezuro plans to expand the retail ecosystem in which customers and partners grow together.

Planet AD

Premium advertising platform powered by innovative technology
Planet AD is largely exposed on premium network media and provides effective advertisements optimized for the mobile environment. Planet AD exposes advertisements to the right target audience by utilizing SK Planet’s Data Management Platform(DMP) that taps into Korea’s top lifestyle services such as OK CASHBAG and Syrup. Moreover, Planet AD maximizes user response by utilizing OK CASHBAG points, while enabling advertisers to execute advertisements in line with their objectives such as improving brand awareness, engagement, and message delivery.

SK Planet DMP

Integrated data platform transcends marketing boundaries
SK Planet’s Data Management Platform (DMP) is capable of collecting, processing, analyzing, and delivering non-identifiable user data from diverse services offered by SK to perform targeting and analysis. Moreover, DMP maximizes marketing effectiveness by interlocking with various external channels.

Planet M

Experience precision targeting with No.1 text message advertising service
Planet M offers campaign consulting for text message advertising. It identifies the optimum target audience by analyzing and interpreting user activity patterns based on Korea’s largest amount of data collected from online and offline sources. Its advertisements are highly effective as they pinpoint and reach primary target customers. Planet M took part in marketing campaigns of over a thousand brands, sending out over 100 million target messages a year. Building on its success stories, Planet M will continue to deliver advertising consulting services that draw high attention and customer response.


Create immersive AR experience for brands
PlayAR allows users to interact with augmented reality(AR) marketing experiences in a mobile web browser, without requiring them to download specialized apps. It delivers an immersive brand experience with colorful 3D images, AR filters, mission stamps, and AR photo printing.


Personalized mobile survey that delivers results in the market
SurveyGO is a mobile survey solution that delivers sophisticated surveys with precise targeting by using powerful tools such as SK Planet DMP and Geofence. Its questionnaires take various forms to enhance user interaction and engagement, delivering tangible results in the market. Moreover, it provides dashboards that present survey results with intuitive visualizations. SurveyGO offers user environment optimized for mobile devices, allowing businesses to conduct customized surveys in line with their brand promotion and marketing at a reasonable cost in a speedy manner.


Onsite marketing tool for shopping malls gets personal
Since the introduction of real-time personalized recommendation technology for the first time in Korea in 2014, Recopick has delivered onsite marketing tool to shopping mall clients of various scales and categories, offering top of the notch personalized recommendation services without the burden of excess fees.

My Data

Be shrewd with your finances with Syrup and OK CASHBAG
SK Planet’s My Data enables customers to keep track of all their financial assets in a one-stop place. The service allows users to optimize their financial portfolio by recommending ideal financial products that best suit their needs. It analyzes consented financial data and activity in order to helps users become more financially savvy. SK Planet’s My Data is available through Syrup and OK CASHBAG.