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Professional Development

Professional Development

SK Planet supports employees to grow as professionals in their fields. We put in place the right environment and system to support employees enhance their expertise and professional capabilities. SK Planet is committed to supporting employee growth and professional development.


Whether at company site, on campus, or online, SK Planet supports a variety of professional education programs to help employees reach their highest professional level in their career path. Under such environment, employees can voluntarily participate in education courses to advance their skill sets and job competence without disrupting their work schedules.
  • Competencies Analysis
  • Development methods
    • Experience (Development at Work)
    • Education Program List
    • Community of Practice
    • Subject Matter Expert : Plaster (Planet + Master)
  • Development Plan for Each Career


SK Planet provides the system and environment to support employees in their own professional growth and development. We are also committed to growing good employees into great leaders of the future.
We provide opportunities for leadership capability building such as Coaching/Mentoring and Leadership School Programs based on leadership capability analysis. Furthermore, we have systematic competence building programs to train leaders of the next generation.
Team leadership that drives growth
- Provide Customized Leadership PG based on leadership capability assessment.
- Build business and people leadership through group meetings, book discussions, and micro learning contents.
- Promote coaching leadership through professional group coaching and executive mentoring.
  • Provide Customized Leadership PG through leadership capability assessment
  • Leadership School for team leaders
  • Leadership Coaching / Mentoring

Support Programs

We give employees access to a variety of informal learning programs to help them develop competencies and skills. “Punch” allows employees to take in knowledge and information of in-house and off-site professionals during lunchtime, and “Plaster” system encourages experts in the company to share and spread their expertise and knowledge in their discipline. Moreover, under Individual Development Plan (IDP) policy, employees individually set and execute their own career and self-development plans and take ownership of their capability building.